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What Al Mamzar beach is famous for, attractions and landmarks to explore!

Al Mamzar beach park

Do you want to explore a place that is calming and soothing? Where you can simply go and leave the rest of the place behind? One such place is the Al Mamzar beach park. It is the hidden gem of Dubai and is extremely calm and inspiring that it doesn’t feel any less than an Oasis. There is no shortage of activities that you can do while in Al Mamzar Park. You can enjoy the beach, bask your bodies under the hot and soothing sun, or simply sit by the ocean with your friends and family to enjoy the waves pass by.

Al Mamzar beach park

The place is simply huge, as it covers most of the residential area of Deira. It has not only pristine beaches but stunning parks, restaurants, and other stuff that you can simply and sophisticatedly engage in. There is so much out there that you can explore while in Mamzar beach. There are swimming pools, food outlets, water sports activities and of course the beach-oriented sports. This beautiful place provides you with a chance of connecting with nature. This is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Following is a list of some of the best activities that you can take part in Al Mamzar beach park:

Enjoy yourselves on the beach

There are plenty of beaches all around the Al Mamzar park that you can explore and use as your go-to place. It could be so that you are living closer to the beach and can join in the luscious tranquility of the ocean at any time. Enjoy sea-bathing or waves splashing down on your feet, breathe in the fresh air, or simply enjoy the food. It is completely onto you what you want to do there, the place has plenty of options for you.

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Al Mamzar beach park

Go for a picnic

How about this? You can go to the beach and simply have at your favorite snacks while enjoying the endless beauty and views of the park. Does this sound intriguing to you? You bet it is. Around the park, there are plenty of stalls from where you can buy coffee, tea, and snacks. But the most amazing thing to try there is the local UAE based food. It is the perfect way to enjoy your picnic, to have UAE traditional food and the company of your friends and family along with you.

Enjoy the steaming hot barbecue

Barbecue is also interpreted as family-oriented even that you can greatly enjoy. The Al Mamzar beach park is exactly the type of place that you should be visiting to convert your desires of barbecue into an absolute reality. You can book up a service where a fireplace with all of the required ingredients will be provided to you. The best way to enjoy these nights out barbecue parties is to do all the work with your hands beside your friends and family.

Al Mamzar beach park

This is the right way to enjoy a barbecue get together with your close relationships. But on the other hand, if you want someone to assist you with all the process then you can get that too. Hire an experienced UAE based cook or person who can get things ready for you without any hassle. So, all that you would have to do is sit by the blazing fireplace. Where the smoky charred smell of the barbecue lies. And of course, enjoy your meal with your companions.

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Try water sports to bring out a thriller lover within you

Are you someone who is fainted by the sight of something being thrilling? Is that the case with you? OR you absolutely love thrilling adventures and stuff? Whatever the case might be the Mamzar beach Dubai is the house to plenty of water-sports games that you can indulge in. May it be the jet-skiing, swimming or snorkeling you can find all such activities to do and more in there. Even if you don’t have the right equipment to get into the water-based sports it is alright. As you can still buy it or get your hands around it from the nearest outlets. The main thing is that you go fully prepared into the adventure. The adventure that is waiting for you and explores fully the true adventurer within yourself.

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What Al Mamzar beach is famous for, attractions and landmarks to explore!

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