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Top 5 best beaches in Dubai that you must visit when there!

Dubai beaches

Although Dubai has a lot to offer for tourism including fine hoteling & dining experience. Sky scrappers situated at an arm’s length to each other and shopping season. There are plenty of Dubai beaches, which is something of a marvel for when you have decided to visit. Miles and miles of the sugary, sun struck, and fine grain beaches are there. These offer luxury, style, and a bright spot where tourists can gather to enjoy the beauty of sea. Here in Dubai plenty of beaches are natural which means the sand is going to be relatively soft and flat.

Most of the time the weather is crude and harsh. That means tourists would likely emerge at these beaches during the night to feel a sense of freshness by the ocean. But when it is freaking cold in Europe the tourists might tend to Dubai to enjoy a luxurious warm welcome by these beaches. We have put together for you a list of five best beaches in Dubai that you should be visiting while in Dubai;

JBR—open beach

Dubai beaches

JBR is one of the best Dubai beaches stretching the whole Jumeirah. That is why it is a little busy out here and you might also not be able to find your private sand spot if you enter a little late. Not only tourists but locals also visit this beach on a day to day basis. You can go there for basking your bodies in the sun and sitting while landing your feet into the cold ocean water and the biggest possible smile on your faces. The beach area is wide and undivided. Soft and fluffy sand covers the whole ground and feels very clean and fragrant while passing through the fingers. But there are some areas which are reserved for hoteling and other activities. Such as different stalls of ice-cream, a few local snacks, and essentials that you would otherwise get to survive the sun in this Dubai beach.

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You can also rent scooters and bikes to run along the beach or have a great time at the shore driving wild throughout the ocean. The water is warm and the color of the blue-green blend which is perfect for the eyes and improving your mood.

Al Mamzar Dubai beach park

Dubai Beaches

This is the most tenacious and luxurious of all Dubai beaches to plan a perfect holiday around. There are plenty of options for you here so much you can do. You can literally jog along the shoreline on the soft sandy beach. Take a swim into the ocean or simply sit and relax into the cold breeze that sways back and forth near the sea.

There is a lot to do and the sea-side luxury life might also tempt you to indulge in it. You can live in luxury bungalows and rocky chairs by the sand to relax and bathe in the beautiful sunshine. There is free parking available on the beach which is a great thing to have in Dubai. Other than that you will find all kind of foliage the beach itself is wrapped with thousands of coconut trees. And also other types of botanical biodiversity. When you linger along the beach you might come across plenty of establishments. Such as stalls ad funniest beach towels that you can find in all of Dubai.

Al Sufouh beach

Al Sufouh beach

There are without any doubt plenty of best beaches in Dubai but not all of them are necessarily explored. One such example is the Al Sufouh. The beach itself contains perplexingly soft sand stretched all over to the shoreline. But it is quite hard to find a consistent patch of sand on this beach. And it also comes out as a serious challenge but then again not many tourists make their way on the beach.

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But if by any chance you get to visit Al Sufouh of all other Dubai beaches then make sure that you explore the sea as much as you can. Because the water here is safe and shallow and extends a perfect opportunity for the divers to go beyond the limits while exploring beautiful ocean life.

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Marina Dubai beach

Marina beach

Marina beach is another luxury beach in the UAE beaches. It extends all over to the JBR. The marina beach is possibly the last patch of sand that remains at the end of the JBR space. The beach consists of typical white-soft sand in Dubai. Of all the Dubai beaches, the water here is vividly warm. You will find lifeguards at high alert and always attending to their respective duties. On the walk, you can find plenty of cafes and little ice cream spots. Here you can retrieve some of the sweetest delights to double your fun at the beach.

Dubai beach creek

Dubai creek that wraps around Deira is among the few remaining places that vividly appreciate the history of this beautiful city. And possibly the point where the first port was established to develop trade. It might not be the best beach in Dubai but it is extremely poetic. Especially when it comes to sightseeing and adding a strong essence of glamour to your trip.

Many tourists around the year come and visit this beautiful place. Also to accommodate such large volumes of tourists there are plenty of Dubai beachfront hotels. These provide a luxurious insight over a very generous price to these tourists. People from around the city come here at evening. They not only enjoy the luscious beauty of the beach but also to engage themselves in great BBQ gatherings. You can find a few arrangements such as places where you can cook your barbecue on the beach. But you will have to bring all the resources or equipment along with you to make it happen on almost all Dubai beaches. 

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