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Bur Dubai: Six Places You Must Visit

Bur Dubai: A Guide to What You Can Do

Bur Dubai is among the most popular travel destinations in Dubai. The region offers you a look into the historical, colonial past of Dubai. It is not only modern architecture with its lush lifestyle that might interest you. It is not only the lush lifestyle that matters, but history also matters. Bur Dubai has its own charm for tourists.  Why not visit Bur Dubai then?

Bur Dubai

What to Do in Bur Dubai?

Bastakia Quarters:

Bastakia Quarters must come on top of the list. The place offers an insight into the history of the region. It was the Persian contribution that makes it more charming and worth visiting. That is what has made the place a conservation site. So, if you are visiting the Bur Dubai area, do not forget to visit the site to have a look at Dubai’s past.

Dubai Museum:

How can you miss out on the museum? That would make your tour incomplete. Therefore, do have it on your go-to-places list. If you can get the best of your Dubai tour at a cheaper rate, visiting the museum is a treat for life. You can see for yourself how life has changed from once-a-desert to a modern city.

Bastakia Quarters

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding:

Oh well, so now you are getting into history and not visiting the region for the sake of photos. You certainly are making the best out of your tour or perhaps thinking of it. If you are thinking of visiting any other site than the Dubai Museum, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is the best place. It has got all that you need to know to make this tour informative, educated one. The centre offers tourists a glimpse into the ways of life. It builds its repute on cherishing history and creativity.

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Majlis Gallery:

You seem to be making a lot more than what you anticipated of this tour. If you are still reading and thinking of visiting all these places. You are doing the right thing. Majlis Gallery is another of those places that will be a treat-for-life. The Majlis has promoted arts and artists from across the globe and seeks to unite minds with creative ideas. If you are into art, this could be an inspiration. If you are not, this could reveal your hidden talent.

Old Souk:

Old Souk is the traditional market in Bur Dubai. Tourists can find shops with various items that they can take home. Surely, if you have visited a place there is no reason you should not take something back home for memory’s sake. You have a lot to choose from. This can lead to a good time spent in the market. Choose wisely and take back what Bur Dubai has to offer.

Old Souk

The Dubai Heritage Village:

Here we come to the last place that might grab your interest. You have witnessed history, culture, customs, and even bought some souvenirs. So far, you have done the right things and made the best out of your Dubai tour. Well, do not forget to visit this remarkable place aka ‘The Dubai Heritage Village.’ Why does this place matter? This matters because if you want to know how life has evolved in this region, this is the right place. The site offers an insight into how ways of life have changed into what we know today.

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It looks like you have much to do on your tour to Bur Dubai. You should not be confused about what to visit, for now at least.  Don’t hesitate! Choose wisely, and enjoy your time in Bur Dubai!

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