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Deira Dubai: Your Guide to Top 5 Things to Do in Deira Dubai

Why Visit Deira Dubai?

There is no other region that has gone through an immense transformation as Deira Dubai. The region has gone through the developmental stages to become an industrial region. However, it still holds its historic taste to offer to tourists. Deira Dubai has evolved into a paradise for tourists. It has much to offer and you, as a tourist, have much to choose from. So, here is the list of things that you must do and the list places that you must visit while in Deira Dubai.

deira dubai

Deira Dubai’s Gold Souk

Souk translates for the market. There seem no tourists who would not want to visit a market while on a trip. This is what Deira Dubai offers you. It has a gold market to draw your attention to its intricate, enchanting designs of gold. Hundreds of tourists flock to Gold Souk to choose from a large variety of designs. You can visit the market to buy your loved ones a gift or just to witness human creativity at its peak in those well-crafted ornaments.

Deira Dubai Spice Souk

You may go wherever you desire, but the food is an unforgettable part of a tourist’s journey. Spice Souk is the right place to experience the spices that make the food in Dubai unique and delicious. You can visit the place to see the range of spices available. If you are a food lover and love cooking yourself, this can be the best place to choose from a range of spices and add flavor to your food. You can make your loved ones lick their fingers by adding some of the spices. This seems to be the best choice for your trip to Deira Dubai.

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Deira Dubai Spice Souk

Deira Dubai and Women’s Museum Bait al Banat

There can be no better place to understand the role of Arab women and the surrounding region than visiting the Women’s Museum in Deira Dubai. The museum respects women who have played a significant role in the history of the region. The museum houses a floor which offers an insight into the artistic nature of the Arab women. You can gain an insight by witnessing their creativity and aesthetic sense in the gallery section of the museum. There can be no better option to witness how women have contributed through their creativity to a region where women often are looked down upon and persecuted. This is the right place to gain a cultural understanding.

Deira City Centre Shopping Mall

Of course, buying things when we go places is our nature. There is no denial. So, Deira Dubai takes care of our most intrinsic need, that of shopping and buying things for our loved ones. Deira City Centre Shopping Mall has the latest designs to offer. These appeal to our senses. The shopping mall houses various brands from expensive to affordable. You can go shopping and buy things for your loved ones. Even if you seek to witness the best, latest design, the shopping mall is the right place.

shopping mall

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai has much to offer in terms of beaches, pools, restaurants, hotels, heritage sites, and so forth. There is something more. It would be hard to find people who would not love fun-loving dolphins. Where to find them? Deira Dubai houses Dubai Dolphinarium where you can watch these fun-loving sea creatures along with the seal. You will see that Dubai Dolphinarium is packed with people who come to see the acrobatics and dance of these beautiful sea creatures. It is a paradise for those who want to take their children out. It entices both the young and the adults.

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