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Explore the true and vibrant culture of UAE for your travels

Dubai Culture at its finest

UAE is a traditional place whose spirit is bound by religion and culture. When visiting UAE or especially Dubai you will come to know about various things. Such as that culture and traditions are all this beautiful state has. UAE culture is sophisticated, welcoming, and extremely well presented. Thanks to the soft and convincing manners of greeting. The Dubai culture is mainly wrapped by the essence of Islam. And its teachings while also involving a great influence of UAE culture and tradition as well.

Both these pillars have a strong enchantment over architecture, music, attire, and even the lifestyle of people. Luxury is also present in some parts of the Dubai culture but it is not necessarily uncommon. Only the people with extreme supplies and riches can afford the living a luxurious life. But the overall Emirati culture is traditional and humble.

Sports in Dubai

Although a vast number of sports are popular among Arabic and locals of Dubai. Only a handful of these makes the honors list. Among those include Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Horse and camel racing, and Falconry. The government and local sports board inaugurate various seminars and sporting events. In order to bring out the hidden talent of the people towards sports.

However, traditional sports in the UAE and Dubai culture include horse and camel riding. While Falconer.y is also widely practiced. Dessert is an ideal place for the sake of camel riding and Falconry. While on the other hand horse riding is more popular among the rich and elite. And is preferably stationed at racecourses.

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Food & eatables of UAE

Food & eatables of UAE

When it comes to the food, there is nothing more enigmatic and specific than Dubai culture itself. No wonder there are plenty of modern eateries and fast food chains scattered all over UAE. But the traditional Arabian cuisine has its own special place. You will find plenty of local dishes presented in different flavors and teeming with rich taste, flavor, and Arabian aroma.

Among various local dishes the stuffed camel, Shawarma, Al Harees, Al Machboos, and Khuzi. These are the traditional dishes that people like in Dubai. Moreover, you will find plenty of stalls related to this food among the markets and shopping malls in Dubai. Each time you take a bite of this wonderful Arabian cuisine you begin to dream. It speaks for itself and fills your mouth with Arabian delight.

Fish meat and rice are somewhat more popular in various parts of UAE states such as in Dubai. But people don’t eat these together. More like stuffing of meat within dishes is how people like it. And stuffing of fresh produce in meat is how they like it in Dubai.

Clothes and apparels

Clothes and apparels

Traditionally in Dubai the choice of clothes is very strict, women have to cover their bodies completely. UAE traditions depict that women wear a long and black flowing light cloak over their clothing called an abaya. This is what women wear on their traditional clothes.  But they can also wear a traditional and long-sleeved full-length dress which they call Jalabeya. Wearing a black scarf to cover their face is also mandatory. It covers their face and head section.

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On the other hand the Emirati men wear Kandura or Dishdasha which is a traditional Emirati dress. This is a single-piece garment that covers their bodies from head to the toe. In-home some men often wear the half-sleeved Kanduras. But for the sake of a formal or business gathering people use full-sleeved Kandura.

Building Design UAE

Building designs in UAE

The overall designs of the building in UAE are a little rustic with a mix of modern architecture. While using an artistic approach with the old traditional scent. Skyscrapers and buildings with hundreds of floors on end are popular. The designs that depict strong cultural and traditional hierarchy are more common in Dubai buildings.

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