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Why Should You Visit Dubai Museum?

Why Dubai Museum?

Visiting the Dubai Museum is a must! A museum is a reflection of a nation or a country’s past. If you are a tourist and miss out on a museum, you surely have missed a lot. So, it would not be wrong to say that your trip was futile. Want to visit Dubai and not make it a futile trip?  It familiarizes you with the history of Dubai. This really is among the very well-known destinations in Dubai. It becomes more special in the summer when tourists flock into the Dubai Museum. People all over the globe see the museum in Dubai to have a look at the wonder of the ancient land, especially in the summer season when there is this type of high tourist influx.

Dubai Museum

Why So Important?

At times it is referred to as the Egyptian tradition due to its similarities in style to other regional museums specifically in Cairo and Abu Dhabi. This museum is located in a very historic building that dates back to the 15th century. Built as a formal government storehouse by the emirate’s creator, Sheikh Mohammed, this construction continues to be in full operation and its facade stands on the oceanfront in Dubai. One of the largest museum complexes in the entire world, the museum also features a museum for arts and crafts.

What Does the Dubai Museum House?

One of the things which set the Dubai Museum apart from several other museums across the world is the size of its exhibit-spaces. It is usually referred to as the most significant display space of its kind. The Dubai Museum has roughly 4 million square feet of floor space, for example, a region specializing in older conventional Arabic structures. This ancient city has been assembled with lots of arches. The Emirati influence is likewise evident from the architecture and design of this museum.

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Dubai Museum

With all the Arab Gulf countries undergoing rapid economic change, the museum offers a glimpse into their rich and ancient history. Even Dubai Museum includes a section devoted to local civilizations from the metropolis. These include clothing styles, handicrafts, agriculture, language, and cultural events. In addition, it showcases some of the different nationalities that call Dubai home, for example, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, and Syrians.

Many tourists see the Bur Dubai region of Dubai so as to observe how people lived here during the early days.  Bur Dubai is one of the oldest regions in Dubai and houses an abundance of items regarding the lifestyles of those ancient Arab citizens of this city. The Bur Dubai Museum is broken up into a lot of different sections, all revolving around one motif. One of those sections deals with the early Muslim lands of Bur Dubai.

What has the Dubai Museum got to offer?

In regards to embracing the cultural items of the region, the museum houses many artifacts. Most of these are of Arab and Islamic Arabian sources. The exhibit space is so large that it is not possible to view all the items in one trip. Many displays include all sorts of artifacts from early Arab and Islamic periods. This makes it simple to see the range of ethnic material the museum is able to supply.

The museum also comprises a section for showcasing early Arabian cuisine and the regional things to show how people organize their diet. This is an enjoyable way to have a portion of their history of food from the region. Additionally, the exhibit space permits visitors to taste the food themselves. It is the largest museum in the Bur Dubai region. Visitors can see the many unique exhibits as they enter the memorial.

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