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All you need to know about Dubai desert safari—2020 updated

Desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is the ultimate destination for the sake of planning a perfect family trip. There are many locations worth exploring and many things worth doing once you land in Dubai. One of them is the vast and lonely Arabian desert that stretches along the borders. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Desert safari in Dubai.

Desert safari

Not only it is a promising sport among the locals but international tourists also adore it completely. Desert safari holds for a significant experience in which a caravan of friends or travelers. All hurling through the desert to appreciate the hot beauty of nature. There are many Dubai safari packages that you can simply subscribe to. But the best one in which you customize yourself.

Things to do in Dubai safari An adventure so mystical and enchanting awaits you in the golden sands of the Dubai desert. It is a fun ride that you won’t forget any time soon. Although there is a lot that you can do in Dubai desert safari we will only be mentioning the greatest;

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing first started out to be a local Emirati culture-based sport but it grew classically popular with the foreigners too. What happens is that you with your friends or team members hop into a 4×4 SUV or other automobile and go bashing on the undivided sands of the desert. It is a fun ride which will last for some time depending on your mood or the skill of your driver. If possible then you can also head for the tallest of the sand debris where the fun is doubled and so is the danger. But there is nothing to worry about as you can easily find the skilled drivers who will walk you through the dangers as if they were sleeping in their bed. As simple as that.

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Camel Riding

What is the purpose of coming all the way to Dubai safari and not having the chance to ride the camel? It is considered the essence of Desert safari Dubai because it is the most obvious thing to do in there. Riding in your SUV or other vehicles, stopping at a particular checkpoint to eat, and then after wearing those long cloaks the fun to witness the direct waves of the sun is truly breathtaking. For the fun of it, you will only get either ten- or twenty-minutes ride time with the camel. It is practically enough for you to relax and tempt your mood to explore more than ever.

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Camel Riding

Hookah/Sheesha smoking

If you want a different level of experience with the far fetched Arabian desert you must enjoy yourself a hearty sheesha treat. Sheesha is an expanding tradition that is Emirate based and is getting popular among the international borders too. After a long and tedious day in the desert, you can enjoy yourself to a luxury treat of flavored smoke. According to the tradition you sit right across each other on the carpets and pass on the sheesha/hookah all the way around the little table.

Taking a few puffs of flavored smoke in your lungs and fading behind are all the worries and stress of your life. It is quite a view when you see the sunset in Dubai and more interesting while you witness it in the Arabian desert.

Barbeque and buffet

Another rarely interesting fact of the Dubai safari is that you get various desert safari deals. As some of them might include barbecue nights along with it, meaning that you will be able to enjoy great food and not incurring extra costs. The barbeque nights at Dubai safari are the best, coal is blazed red hot and on it, different flavorful meat is roasted and charred. The smell alone is enough to work yourself an appetite. Free drinks, tea, coffee, and other small treats make having the barbecue night a distinctive pleasure for the travelers.

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Hatta Mountain Desert Safari Tour

Hatta Dam is an exotic place right at the center of the desert in Dubai. It is actually a water hole in the desert that has a magnificent appeal to it. People from far away come and visit this beautiful hatta dam. You can pack a hectic lunch or dinner with you. And after the tedious exercise of mounting camels and driving in the SUVs you can relax alongside the Dam. With this beautiful and scenic view of this place. It is near the Hajjar mountains and is a beautiful place to be. Not only you can have a splash in the water but also arrange yourself a pretty decent bath. As it will take away all the hecticness and tiredness that have suffocated you all day long.

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Desert Safari Tour

Night in Desert Safari

The fun begins at 2-3 in the evening. When you are almost done with the activities of the morning, you are taken away by the tour operator. In the four of the evening, you will get some time to relax and bathe. And then get ready for the nightly festivities. Almost all of the packages include a stunning night party with BBQ on the side. But if you didn’t know about the BBQ nights when you purchased the package then you can still surely add BBQ delight into it. The night ends with smokes of sheesha rising high on the sky. And a beautiful sunset covering everything around you in a golden sapphire light.

Evening and Morning in Desert Safari

The evening and morning in Dubai safari rarely mix up with each other. As when you are in the desert things get a little too busy. In the morning you will be quite busy with the camel mounting, dune bashing, and other activities. While at night you will enjoy a long pause with a beautiful belly dance. BBQ at the side, and other splendid festivities going around.

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Dubai Safari

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to have the most beautiful time in Dubai Safari right now and don’t forget to subscribe to an amazing deal that covers a lot of elements.


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