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Best Ferrari ride theme park you can visit while in UAE

Ferrari World

Dubai is the land of wonders. If you are a tourist and you are heading to UAE then rest assured you will have your fun schedule full with plenty of rides and dynamic sightseeing. One such place is the Ferrari world. It is the first Ferrari theme park that is in Abu Dhabi. In this splendid park, you can find almost 37 different rides to fill your fun appetite. There are attractions and rides for people of all age groups in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. If you are intrigued by the overall ride selection you can get in there then here is a list of the most famous rides

Ferrari World

Formula Rossa

If you are a fan of speed and love the idea of it like crazy then Formula Rossa is for you. This is the world’s fastest roller coaster that we are talking about here. The mechanics of this ride is a little different than other roller coasters. First of all, there aren’t any sudden drops from sudden heights that can scare you or give you stomach-aches to the point that you end up screaming. The track is 2km long and is perfect for romantic couples who want to share their happiness with each other sitting in a Ferrari and sightseeing beautiful sunset.

Fiorano GT challenge

All the Ferrari world rides in this theme part that you will find are named after beautiful Ferrari oriented cars. This ride features two different sets of spider-shaped carts that are moving along the parallel tracks. The fun thing about this Ferrari ride is that during the run these parallel coasters would feel like colliding with each other. If it won’t make you scream over the top then it would surely scare the life out of you. Believe it or not, this ride feels like a run and chase scene from the Fast and Furious series.

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Speed of Magic

When you are in the Ferrari world, you would come across plenty of different rides. Some would tempt you and some won’t. But let’s be honest this perfect ride will make you fall in love with it. The ride would initially start slowly, almost feeling like on children’s level. But in a split second, you will be hurling through the air almost like an animated character. While exploring the beautiful sights of Yas Island Abu Dhabi. This high and low kind of effect that you will observe during this ride is the most tempting. And certainly one of the most beautiful experiences.

Yas Island


Do you fear height? If yes then this particular Ferrari world ride is not for you. And chances are that you might not be able to book a ticket for this one because all Ferrari world tickets for G-Force are often pre-booked. Now you might be thinking that what is the catch with this one? Well, it starts out as a jolly ride until it is not. The ride will take you to a 60+ meters height off the ground and would suddenly drop you straight down. You will then experience the maximum of G-Force of the earth while traveling at a speed of 12 meters per second. Some weak-hearted would even go for making their last wish. But then the ride would slow down and before you know it you will be on the ground. All cozy and shivered by the experience that you just had.

Bell’ Italia

Ferrari World is periodically surrounded by beautiful sceneries of the Yas Island that is not that far away from it. People would give anything to view such perfect natural sceneries while taking a jolly ride. Well, with Bell’ Italia the children are particularly in for a treat. It is a rather slow ride that provides consistent fun and entertainment for children. While sitting in the comfortable automatic carts, they will get to enjoy the luxurious beauty and scenic architecture of Italy. This tour is a treat to the eyes and fundamental with respect to all the knowledge the little ones would be soaking in.

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So, is all this information intriguing to you more? Do you now want to book a ride for the Ferrari themed park in Abu Dhabi? Well, good for you, go in there and have the most luscious type of fun that will change your life experience.

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