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Things to do at Sharjah Aquarium UAE

Sharjah Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the most iconic places in the UAE all by yourself? What would it feel like to be a part of something intriguing and unique? OR for starters it may be simply visiting an aquarium, but not an ordinary aquarium the Sharjah Aquarium in UAE. This beautiful and iconic place is located in Al Khan Sharjah. It is among one of the most influential and educational places for young minds.

Sharjah museum authority runs the aquarium and the whole aquarium over an area of about 6500 m2. This is not about it, this beautiful place has about 20 different aquariums. All of them are properly distributed and are on different floors. These house different sea creatures that exhibit the rich culture and diversity of the UAE marine life.

The beautiful diversity of marine life in aquarium Sharjah

How many marine animals do you think this beautiful aquarium can house? It has nearly got all of them. It solely depends on you that how far are you willing to go exploring. According to a decent estimate, the Sharjah fish aquarium is house to 150 different marine species. That live across in the Arabian Gulf waters.


The experience that you will get singlehandedly when it comes to exploring this place is simply stunning. You can come across a variety of different marine species, to begin with. To begin with, you have docile reef sharks, sea horses, and the most astounding clownfish. The variety of sea creatures will continue to expand and stretch. As there are other different fish aquariums present in this place. Not only the sea creatures you will also get to expect the habitat of these marine animals. Such as coral reef habitat, Al Khan Lagoon, and the beautiful rocky shores that surround it.

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Get to know all about the underwater ecosystem

There are many misconceptions about Sharjah Aquarium. Some say that the place is there to amass money and riches. While unveiling the marine diversity of UAE to people. But in reality, it is not built for this purpose. The obvious purpose is to enlighten the commonwealth about the diversity of marine life. And more importantly to comply with the importance of such diversity. This place now represents the best of marine life. And it also depicts a suitable environment for the propagation of it. The sea life here breeds and thrives without any hindrance.

Sharjah Aquarium

If you pay suitable attention then you will come to know all about the atrocities of human intervention with nature. How the balance between things and habitats is being disturbed. Not only this but you will learn about the calamities of oil spills, land reclamation, and overfishing. These are the human activities that surely affect marine life and destroys it before it can propagate and breed.

Opening hours

Talking about the Sharjah aquarium timings, the place remains open from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm. And on Friday the place is only open from 4 pm to 10 pm. The place will remain closed for the whole day on Sunday.

Ticket prices in Sharjah Aquarium

When it comes to the Sharjah aquarium ticket prices for the children at the age of 2 and 12 is AED 15. For the adults, one round around the aquarium will cost roughly AED 25. You can use the ticket for visiting the Sharjah aquarium for also visiting the Sharjah Maritime Museum. Thus, buying a single ticket you will be able to visit both places.

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Attractions near the Sharjah Aquarium

The Sharjah Aquarium’s location puts various close-by attractions available and in near range to the tourists. These are Sharjah Maritime Museum, Khalid Lake, and Al Noor Island. These can be visited on the same day when you plan to visit the others. Not only this but there are other restaurants that you can go and enjoy a fine evening with luscious dine-in.

If you are ever in Sharjah and your family is accompanying you then you must visit the Sharjah aquarium. Not only it will be a splendid journey but a well-served experience with UAE marine life.

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