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Most riveting shopping malls in Dubai that you must visit this year

Shopping malls in Dubai

When you are in Dubai there is no reason to return to your country with empty hands as this beautiful and buzzing city offers plenty of shopping destinations in all of Dubai. But while considering shopping people often ask themselves; Is Dubai expensive? You bet it is. But at the same time, there are certain places where you can shop. Even on a light budget with amazing discounts. No matter what type of brand you require, chances are that you will be able to find it all in the shops of various Dubai malls.

That is why for your convenience and absorbing the right information about shopping in Dubai we have added extensive information. Here is a list of the most majestic Malls in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

malls in Dubai

Dubai Mall is the second-largest mall in all of the world and the best mall in all of Dubai. It offers a variety of stores up to 1200 to be precise and all sorts of brands can be found here. You can find a variety of luxury brands booming along with consistent discounted items being sold on a daily basis. Such brands might include Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and others. Out of the retail store chains found in Dubai, the Dubai mall has some of the best brands. Such as Galleries Lafayette, Bloomingdales, and Debenhams. Shopaholics and people visiting from other countries have a huge opportunity of hunting down the exact products from their preferred brands in Dubai mall stores.

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Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates

The second on the list if the mall of the Emirates which is nonetheless an iconic place to visit and shop in Dubai. The place has 600 different shops with access to a variety of luxury brands not only for women but also for men and buying home-based elements. Ski Dubai is another luxury the Mall of the Emirates has in its store to provide the residents of Dubai with a gift of winter when it doesn’t originally have one all year long. This is the best mall to hang out with friends and family other than shopping as it offers plenty of attractions and places to eat, one such attraction includes VOX cinemas MOE. It is a great attraction in the Mall of Emirates. 

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Dubai Festival City mall

Dubai Festival City mall

This is the most near-to-mall from Dubai Creek. And is home to various friends and family originated events that take place in all of Dubai? At night you can enjoy the spectacular light show with blazing colors scattered across the night sky. This is something that is worth catching with your friends and family by your side. Other than that, the mall has splendid places to eat. While featuring almost all the important food-related brands and for the sake of entertainment, you will find the cinema Dubai mall here. You can find plenty of luxury items in this single mall than any other mall combined. But that section is only restricted to a practical part of the mall.

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This is singlehandedly the largest themed mall in all of Dubai. It features various things and objects taken into six different courts as being explored by the great explorer IBN BATTUTA. These are Andalusia, China, Egypt, Persia, India, and Tunisia to be precise. All these six courts depict different traditions and cultures interpreted into the voyages took by IBN BATTUTA. The main attractions in this mall include a few shopping stores and plenty of eateries of fast food. The other entertainment centers such as Dubai mall cinema are also available. It is a great mall to shop around and engage in a few hearty activities. You can eat luxury meals that you won’t be able to find in any other mall. The mall has such great artwork and a specific theme idea buzzing around you.

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